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Pearl dragons were a species of gem dragon easily identified by their pearl-like scales.[1]


Pearl dragons were most known for their pearl-like scales, which grew increasingly lustrous as they aged. They were smaller than most other dragons, ranging in size from as little as 2 feet (0.61 meters) in length as hatchlings, to as much as 86 feet (26 meters) in length as great wyrms.[1]


Pearl dragons were reclusive by nature and rarely aggressive or violent.[1]


Pearl dragons spoke only their own dialect, but could telepathically communicate with other telepathic or exceptionally intelligent creatures. Because of their relatively small size, their fear aura was less powerful than that of other dragons, but outside of combat, these dragons could use a combination of riddling talk and personal charm to entrance other creatures.[1]

Pearl dragons had a breath weapon in the form of a cloud of scalding steam that could be as much as 90 feet (27 meters) long, 30 feet (9.1 meters) wide, and 20 feet (6.1 meters) high.[1]

They had superior magical abilities, being capable of casting both wizardly and priestly spells. They also could blink six times per day.[1]


Pearl dragons tended to rely on their breath weapon and spells in combat, but were still willing to use their claws and fangs in melee if necessary.[1]


Pearl dragons lived on both rocky coastlines and sandy beaches, but always by the sea; they loved both the salty air and open expanse of it. They were somewhat nomadic, moving from one place to another when the food or pearl supply of their territory ran low. Such movement was a slow process, because pearl dragons never left even one treasure behind. They spent most of each day hunting for pearls, and their hoards would contain pearls worth tens of thousands of gold pieces. Because of their pearl-hunting activities, pearl dragons had enlarged lungs and could comfortably stay underwater for up to an hour.[1]


Pearl dragons primarily ate sharks and other fish, as well as small whales or hundreds of lobsters as a treat.[1]


A pearl dragon was reported to live in the sea caves along the western shore of the Lake of Steam.[2]


Pearl dragons typically stayed at a safe distance from human civilization and rarely attacked sailing ships. However, they were known to attack pirate ships that bothered them, and take all the treasure found therein. They were natural enemies of dragon turtles.[1]


Their hides were known to sell for as much as 60,000 gold pieces.[1]




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