The Pearl of Power was a legendary artifact of the Utter East that could make arcane inventions come alive.[1]


The Pearl of Power was a glowing yellow or white ovoid, about as wide as a man's hand and twice that in length.[1]


Nuts And !Bolts Wormskull 2

Wormskull making big plans for the Pearl of Power.

The Pearl had the power to animate a mechanical constructs, when installed inside one. It seemed to have much other potential besides.[1]

However, according to legend, it had a curse for its owner, in that greed for it would lead to war and disaster.[1]


Nuts And !Bolts Intro a

The barrow tomb wherein the Pearl was hidden.

When the clans of the ancient Utter East warred, defeated champions were buried in barrow tombs, together with their weapons and magical relics like the Pearl of Power. The sensible living would shun such places. Curses were said to bring grief and misfortune to those who disturbed them.[1]

Nuts And !Bolts Intro c

Garrulos and Wormskull realize the limits to brotherly bonds.

However, during the time of the Bloodforge Wars (648657 DR),[2][note 1] a pair of feuding, treasure-hunting brothers named Garrulos and Wormskull delved into one of these barrow tombs and discovered the Pearl of Power. However, Garrulos immediately snatched it for himself, cheating his artificer brother of the glory. "For safekeeping", he claimed, Garrulos took it to Konigheim to present it to the king.[1]

Nuts And !Bolts Wormskull 1b

Wormskull stealing back the Pearl of Power.

This act triggered the Nuts and !Bolts (sic) conflict, in which the brothers warred with bloodforges through the streets of Konigheim, burning the city in the process, and in the Hall of Wonder and Puzzle Palace. Garrulos allegedly tried to protect the Pearl from corruption. Wormskull was obsessed with the Pearl and planned to use it in his inventions. At one point, Wormskull stole the Pearl of Power and installed it inside a great mechanical monster, creating the Juggernaut to complement his army. The outcome of this conflict and the fate of the Pearl is unconfirmed; it may have been left inside an out-of-control Juggernaut, but if the Juggernaut was destroyed, Garrulos could've retrieved it and reinterred it in the barrow tomb.[1]



  1. The events of Blood & Magic are only dated to "before the Time of Troubles" (1358 DR) in game. It is assumed these are a part of the Bloodforge Wars described in Faces of Deception and dated in The Grand History of the Realms.


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