Pech (pronounced: /pɛpetch[3]) were creatures of elemental earth.[1]


They bore a resemblance to gnomes, but had a skin tone that ranged from dark brown and dull grey skin,[1] to pale yellow. Their skin also had a toughness comparable to that of granite. Their eyes were large, lacked pupils,[2] and reflected light like an owl or cat.[1] Their arms and legs were thin and gangly, ending in abnormally large and powerful hands. Their hair tended grow either wiry or as thick manes, the color of wet clay.[1][2]


The large, pupil-less eyes of pech were sensitive to sunlight and could see in both the spectrum of Infravision and ultravision.[2]


When pechs gathered together, they could mold stone as if it were clay, conjure walls of stone out of thin air, as well as petrify and un-petrify living creatures.[1][2] Though some pechs were known to be powerful enough to perform the first two things on their own, as well as cast the spell stone tell.[2]

Outside of being able to petrify or un-petrify creatures, pechs themselves were entirely immune to the condition.[2]


Pechs were generally known to wield pickaxes and peat hammers in combat. Their expertise in mining made them capable combatants against any stone creature, such as stone golems.[1][2]


Pech were naturally affiliated with the earth, so much so that they were believed to be natives of the Elemental Plane of Earth.[4]

On one of their adventures, the ranger Drizzt Do'Urden and Belwar Dissengulp encountered a pech who had been polymorphed by an evil wizard into a hook horror. They named him Clacker and together ventured through the Underdark.[5]


Pech spent much of their lives mining, filling their homes with a variety of gems. They were also known to form dishes and various ornamental goods out of stone or raw metal.[2]

Outside of mining, they were well known for hunting cockatrices, due to being immune to their petrifying gaze.[6]


Their affinity with stone and natural aversion to sunlight made subterranean habitats ideal for them.[1]


Pech often competed for raw materials in their underground habitats with dao, tomb tappers, and various dwarven races.[7] They traded what they mined with other creatures in return for food or services.[1] They were also known to trade any cockatrices they caught with the svirfneblin.[6]

When not in conflict or trade with another creature, pech generally kept to themselves.[2]





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