A peerless archer was one devoted to the perfection of archery, bowyery, and fletching.[1]


Such an archer dedicated his or her life to the perfection of the bow, being both an expert in its craft and its usage. Most of these archers were fighters or rangers, but barbarians, paladins, and monks would sometime dedicate themselves to the discipline as well.[1]

Training and EducationEdit

All archers of this level of skill were trained in the craftsmanship of bows and arrows and were proficient in the use of any longbow or shortbow.[1]


Peerless archers were skilled at shooting in a range of situations, both at point-blank ranges and at far distances. They were quick at drawing their arrows and very precise in their shooting. Such precision only increased with the skill of the archer. Much like a rogue, these archers were adept at taking advantage of split-second situations that would give them an opportunity to strike at critical regions of a target. More powerful archers learned to increase the damage that their arrows could deal out.[1]

So fundamentally did these archers understand the crafts of bowyery and fletching that they were able to supernaturally imbue their arrows with the power of magic.[1]


Archers of this level of skill were sometimes hired out as mercenaries to military officers or nobles.[1]


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