The Pegasus Archery Company was a mercenary band based in the High Dale of the Dalelands in the 1360s DR.[1][2]


The Company was based out of the stronghold of Arrowpoint. It stood on the rising ground a short distance northeast of Highcastle, facing the castle from across the pass.[1]


The Pegasus Archery Company was only accepted into the High Dale on the condition that every member accept a spell cast on them by Yandrin Thorl. It would turn to stone any member who took up arms against Dale or attempted to rule in the High Dale.[1]

The Pegasus Archery Company fought in the Sessrendale War of the Year of the Weeping Wives, 1232 DR, on the side of Archendale.[3]

Some time in the late 1360s, High Constable Irreph Mulmar complemented their forces in the defense of High Dale with a squadron known as the Flying Auxiliary. These mounted archers did indeed ride pegasi into battle and fought alongside the mercenaries.[4]

In 1367 DR, a large number of the Pegasus Archers were hired out by Cormyr to suppress a group of raiders in the Stonelands.[5]


The Company was composed of 75 horse archers, women and men, mounted on light horses, not pegasi, and wielding short composite bows.[2] Basic sellswords were paid 4 cp for a day of service while experienced fighters, often serving as sergeants, could earn as much as 5 sp a day.[5]



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