Pehllus Tanislove was a rising noble and merchant of Amn and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Pehllus was the lord of House Tanislove and the lord-consort of House Gheldieg. In his youth, he was a hedonistic party-goer but matured into an honest merchant with a skill for streamlining assets while doubling profits. In 1361 DR, Pehllus inherited his wealth and his membership of the Knights from his father, the famed Lord Pulth Tanislove, an able gem merchant. In 1362 DR, Pehllus moved to Athkatla and married Lady Vyma Gheldieg. He was invited to join the Council of Six in the role of Dahaunarch after the passing of Curkon Gheldieg, his father-in-law and previous Dahaunarch.

However, Pehllus wanted more. Known only to a few Amnians, the Tanislove House descended directly from the Torlath Dynasty, the royal house that founded the former kingdom of Amn. With the support of Tyrda Q'Helvor and Rhinnom Dannihyr, Pehllus plotted to remove the Council from power and reestablish the kingdom of Amn, with himself as king. In this plan, he had the support of the Knights and of prominent Amnian halflings, to whom Pehllus promised the restoration of a halfling margravate, Meiritin. To this end, Pehllus and his allies nominated the halfling Count Krimmon Amethystall of Vintor and Buck Flagonsrich of Purskul to join the Knights.

Meanwhile, Inselm Hhune, leader of the Knights, had discovered Namarra, the "Sword That Never Sleeps", used by the Torlath kings of the past, and if Pehllus' plan went well, Hhune planned to give the sword to him to curry favor.[1]



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