Pelath was a bronze dragon of the Nelanther Isles in the Sea of Swords in the mid–14th century DR.[2]


Pelath was selfish by nature and couldn't be bothered with preserving law and good like his kin.[2]


Pelath frequently took on a disguise as a hermit mage.[2]


Pelath amassed much of his early wealth by aiding the pirates of the Nelanther Isles. He would offer to "summon" his "dragon familiar" to aid in the recovery of salvage. In exchange, he would take a share of the treasure or other gold or gemstones.[2]

In 1350 DR, one of the crews he was working with made an attempt on his life. This changed his demeanor towards the pirates, sinking any known pirate ships that came too close to his island. However, he would aid and show mercy to drowning non-pirates.[1]



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