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Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn was the founder of a small and secretive group of monks in the 9th century DR.


He passed on his teachings to his followers, who then passed them on to the next several generations. His teachings, which consisted of fighting and concentration techniques, were still active far into the 14th century DR, mainly through scrolls that had been distributed around the land.[1]


The grandmaster perfected Gigel Nugel, a battle maneuver that allowed him to break through stone with just his head. He was able to maintain complete control of his body, and his very being. The powerful monk could even suppress his breathing and the beating of his heart.[1]


After forming his secretive group and distributing his life lessons, Penpahg D'Ahn passed away circa 860 DR. Master Turkel, a follower of the long-dead monk, wished to let his student, Danica Maupoissant, in on the secrets of the legendary scrolls of D'Ahn. Half a millennium after D'Ahns death, Danica arrived at the Edificant Library with his sacred scrolls. She, however, did not possess the ability to read or comprehend these scrolls, but her lover, Cadderly Bonaduce could. After deciphering them, he communicated with her the meaning of the scrolls, and she carried on his legacy. Danica fully gave herself over to his philosophies, and was eventually able to master some of his techniques.[1]



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