Pentaceratops (pronounced: /pɛntɑːˈsɛrɑːtpspen-ta-SER-a-tops[3]) was a species of dinosaur living in Faerûn.[1]


Pentaceratops looked like their cousins monoclonius and triceratops. They had three horns and a large bony head crest. They were called pentaceratops, or "five-horned face" due to the erroneous impression they had five horns. The two "horns" on either side of its head were in fact large cheek bones.[1]


Pentaceratops were known for being aggressive.[1]


The pentaceratops was well defended against large predators. Its horns made effective weapons and its head crest protected most of its body from a forward attack. It was large enough to simply crush smaller predators with its body.[1]


Pentaceratops were herbivores and lived in herds.[1]


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