Lord Peren Voranwell of Lyllburg was a self-appointed landholder in Tethyr.[2][1]


Peren was originally a handsome man, until he was facially disfigured in combat with a troll.[1]


Lord Voranwell was a vain man who loved surrounding himself with wealth.[1]


Peren Voranwell was originally a sheriff of the town of Lyllburgg, in County Morninggold, but after the Ten Black Days of Eleint when the Gulderhorns, the rightful rulers of the region, were forced to flee for their lives, Peren took advantage of the situation. He occupied one of the manor houses of the Gulderhorn estate and set himself up as "Lord" of Lyllburg.[1]

In his time as ruler, he collected taxes from the surrounding villages, claiming to use the money for their protection.[1] He clashed with the Company of Eight on several occasions,[1] and was forced to change his ways, which greatly humiliated him. He plotted revenge against the adventurers in order to make their lives miserable.[2]

Despite his vices, he actually did protect Lyllburg during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR. Having been trained as a warrior, he successfully defended against an attack by trolls. It was during this confrontation that he received his ugly scar.[1]

He did not fare so well after the conflict, however. His disfigurement so bothered him that it drove him to madness. He thought he had literally become a monster. Two years later, when one of the members of House Gulderhorn, Aalangama Gulderhorn, returned to her estate with an entourage, Lord Voranwell charged the group and was inadvertently impaled by a spear.[1]


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