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Perfume was mixture of oil extracts designed to give off a pleasing scent.[5][6]

Victory is the finest perfume, and I smell delightful.
— A warlock's motto[7]


Perfume was stored in vials and bottles that were sometimes covered with sealing wax. These liquids normally had a rich, musky scent[6] that was extracted from plant petals.[5]


Some perfumes had magical qualities,[8] and sprinkling perfume was required for casting the air variation of protection from the elements.[9] Perfume was even used to repulse vampires.[10]


The value of perfumed varied depending on its quality and rarity, but usually sold for 1 to 6 gp for 1 fl dr (3.7 cm³).[11]

Perfume was produced in various settlements on Toril. In Kara-Tur, jade perfume was produced and sold for 1 ch'ien.[12] A specialist perfume shop, the House of Pride, existed within Waterdeep in the 14th century DR. In this city, a vial of perfume had a market value of approximately 1 gp,[13] though the price varied from 1 cp to 30 gp.[14] In other places, perfume could be sold for even more expensive prices,[15] some up to 75 gp per vial.[16]

These perfumes are the world’s finest, ranging from simple scents that cover odors to fine scents that fire imagination and stir passion.
— Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue[17]

Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold a variety of Westgate-made perfumes, and claimed they were the world's finest. They were named Jasmine Night, Flowers, Mountain Breeze, Mystra's Spell, Red Rose, Ocean Mist, Night Spice, Lliira's Joy, Breath of Spring, and finally, Sune's Fire.[17]

Thay also imported or produced perfume. Such perfume was stored in crystal bottles that were designed to spritz the content onto the wearer.[18]

Notable Perfume Sellers[]

  • A Kiss Across the Table in Mosstone sold a wide variety of goods like perfumes, philters of love, and high-heel lace-up bright-red boots.[19]
  • Jerome Diloontier, a skilled perfumer that worked in Waterdeep.[20]
  • Nottle, a shifty and opportunistic rogue and peddler from the ruins of Myth Drannor carved various and often random items, including perfume.[21]
  • Peraegh Omliskur, a seller of fragrances, facepaints, nailbrights, and fanciful silks from Cormyr who traded in the most cutting edge stock popular among young nobility, to the older generation of Cormyrean ladies' disdain.[22]
  • Quintessa, a merchant of exotic perfumes.[23]

Notable Perfumes[]

Notable Users of Perfumes[]


Intelligent Creatures & Races[]

  • Some cloud giants collected rare perfumes, stored within crystal vials with silver lids, in order to display their extravagance.[29]
  • Some male dwarves of the Realms were known to perfume their beards, as did the females.[30]
  • Among the many luxuries they strove for, noble djinn often sought to have the richest of perfumes.[31]
  • In the land of Zakhara, great ghuls were fond of all forms of perfume and would use them to mask their unpleasant odor.[31]




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