Peridot was the gem-quality version of olivine which occurred in volcanic basalts or with other quartz deposits.[6][7]


These gemstones were found in shades of light to dark olive green and were usually facet cut.[6][7]

Peridots were considered sacred by followers of Gaerdal Ironhand and Yondalla—appropriate for sacrifice, or to be consecrated for use, or recognized as boons or omens when found.[8]


Peridots were frequently used as a material component for abjuration spells and in constructing magic items that offered protection against spells and enchantments,[6][7][9] such as Mordenkainen's private sanctum.[10] A typical specimen had a base value of 500 gp[1][2] or 50[3] to 100 gp[4] depending on market demand.


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