Peril at the Port is an Epic Adventures module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It is part of the Tomb of Annihilation series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on Port Nyanzaru, and is an adventure designed for 1st- to 10th-level characters.

Pirates! Dastardly ne’er-do-wells have been spotted just outside of the harbor! Not content with scratching a living off of the rich port city’s scraps, pirates are making for the city by land and sea. But Port Nyanzaru is far from defenseless; pick up a yklwah, climb aboard a dinosaur, or man the wall; but whatever you do, don’t let those rapscallions into the city![1]

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Alastar BolEkene‐AfaIdrianne SmokeIfan Talro’aJaha MubsieJailo MekJessamineJobalKwalu MosiKwayothéPelican JakePock-Marked PoScreaming WindSibonseniSirge WintermeltVolothamp GeddarmWakanga O’tamuZhanthi
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Port Nyanzaru
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Nine Hells
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