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Persana (pronounced: /pɜːrˈsɑːnəpur-SAN-uh[1]) was the creator-god of the tritons. Persana was unknown to many outside of the triton race and those that did know of him believed that he was nothing more than a god of construction and guardianship. This was due to the silence and mystery with which Persana, like his triton followers, surrounded himself.[1]


Persana appeared as a tall, muscular, green-skinned triton, often carrying a large pink and green conch shell.[3]


Persana was part of the asathalfinare pantheon, an alliance of good-aligned gods of aquatic races.[3]


The tritons, like the ixitxachitl, were a completely theocratic society. All but those rare outcasts had some kind of connection to Persana's church who had many undersea cities built for him by his followers. Persana's priests would readily aid those of other faiths—as would the deity himself—as long as the end result benefited the tritons.[1]


In Serôs, tritons could only be found in numbers in two places, one of which was Myth Nantar, which the tritons, along with the other races living there, were attempting to rebuild into a much greater city than before. Most believed that this was penance for the aloof tritons' neutrality in the Twelfth Serôs War, though in truth, Persana saw the city as having some great destiny that must be protected.[1]



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