Merciless Petron was a primordial who fought against the gods during the Dawn War.[2]


After the primordials were defeated in the Dawn War and Ao split Abeir-Toril into the twin worlds, Abeir and Toril, Petron founded a great kingdom in the continent of Shyr. Her lands were so flat and trackless that there was nothing to stop a stone rolled across it to reach the sea. Petron was known for being prideful and a perfectionist, and she usually turned those that defied her into glass and stone.[2]

Petron was killed by the Abeiran dragons during the War of Fang and Talon. Her power was so vast that even in death she turned into glass those dragons who approached her remains carelessly. The dragons eventually throw giant boulders at her corpse to bury her in hopes to avoid her glass-turning aura, creating the Dead Stone Mountains.[1]

A few dragons and dragonborn dared to explore the mountains to scavenge Petron's remains in hopes to create powerful artifacts. One such such artifact was the Breath of Petron.[2]




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