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Phaerlin giants were a breed of giant descended from stone giants and found in the Underdark.[1]


Phaerlinn giants were around 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall when standing straight, but their bodies were constantly hunched over and they walked using both their hands and feet. As such, they were generally about half that height. They had a protruding jaw with sharp, elongated teeth. The majority of their body was covered with a very tough skin, but their backs had a covering of hard plates very similar to that of a beholder. They had yellow eyes that watered constantly, and tiny ears.[1]


Phaerlin giants could let loose a terrifying howl that could cause weaker foes to become shaken. They also had a powerful sense of smell.[1]


Phaerlin giants were particularly clumsy when using weapons and preferred to attack with their teeth and claws. They began battles by howling to frighten their foes, then dove straight in. Feral giants had a keen instinct for self-preservation, using cunning tactics to take down their enemies. Enslaved giants, however, would continue fighting until their master told them to stop.[1]


After the aberrant phaerimm were imprisoned underground beneath the Anauroch desert by the sharn, they began experimenting on all the creatures within their new domain, including a number of stone giants which they magically warped over the centuries. The resulting phaerlin giants had little in common with their forebears and even less culture. Most served as some of the most brutal slaves in the Underdark. The few who escaped were largely solitary and cared for little besides food and violence. Occasionally two phaerlin giants would work together, but larger groups and settlements were never seen.[1]




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