Phantom steed was a conjuration spell that conjured a magical horse (or spider in the case of Spider domain clerics) for the caster to ride.[3][4][5]


This spell produced a mount that only be ridden by the caster or one other selected individual. It was quasi-real, horse-like creature with a black coat, gray mane and tail, and hooves the color of smoke, which were insubstantial and soundless, and it wore a saddle, bit, and bridle.[3][4]

Phantom steed would not engage in battle, but all normal animals shunned them and would not attack them. A phantom steed would disappear if it sustained a killing blow.

As casters increased in might, so too did their phantom steeds. The speed, robustness, and amount of weight they could bear depended on the relative skill of the caster. Initially, they had no extra abilities, but later they could travel over difficult surfaces such as mud, sand, and swamp without hindrance; walk atop water as water walk; ride through the air with air walk; and eventually even fly outright.[3][4]

The spell took ten minutes to cast, but lasted at five hours.[3][4]


The spell required only verbal and somatic components.[3][2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Carbury in −872 DR and was originally called Carbury's steed.[1]



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