A pharaoh of Mulhorand.

"Pharaoh" was the term used for the ultimate ruler of the empire of Mulhorand,[1] considered a physical incarnation of Horus-Re himself to that nation's people.[1][2]

The pharaoh's family members were considered incarnations of the other gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon; the firstborn son was also an incarnation of Horus-Re, such that the title of pharaoh could be passed down to him.[2]


All pharaohs were required to be male. They were expected to be members of the House of Helcaliant, the priestly House of Horus-Re, and thus descendants of an incarnation of the god.[1]


The pharaoh wishes to be involved in the important affairs of the land. Design him a new temple so that he will take his mind off such a foolish notion.
— a Mulhorandi priest[1]

The pharaoh ruled from his throne in the city of Skuld. While the most powerful individual in Mulhorand in name, most pharaohs allowed the priests to determine most of its policies.[1] The official second-in-command under the pharaoh was the vizier, who was one of the priests.[2]

When a new pharaoh took the throne, typically, a census would be his first act.[1]


The only pharaoh in the history of Mulhorand who was not an incarnation of Horus-Re was an incarnation of Thoth who ruled for a short time after the loss of Thay.[1]

Pharaohs were traditionally buried with their families in the Land of the Dead[3][4] near the small town of Mishtan.[3]

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