Phultan Hammerwand was a vampire and member of the Night Masters, the cabal of vampires who led the Night Masks.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Quite peculiar for a vampire lord, Phultan's diet of blood had changed his previously corpulent physique to one of sagging flesh. Lank and patchy reddish-brown hair hung from the back of his head.[1]

By 1480 DR, Phultan was horrific looking; decades without feeding had left him with lesions all over his body.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In life, Phultan was a silver-tongued fence and information dealer, making his way under the cover of a merchant trader of luxuries. Forming contacts all across the Heartlands, he cultivated an ever-growing web of traded information.[1]

The Court of the Night King, showing Phultan at far right.

However, during one of Phultan's many trips to Westgate, he stumbled across information that was highly sensitive regarding a lieutenant of the Night Masks. Hunted by Dahlia Vhammos, the Duchess of Venom, it was only Phultan's information-gathering skills that saved him as he managed to learn the correct way of contacting the Night King himself. Impressed by his display of skills, the Night King not only spared Phultan but transformed him into a vampire, thereby inducting him as the second member of the Court of the Night Masters.[1]

Operating from then on as Orbakh's spymaster and 'duke of whispers'. By 1372 DR Phultan remained mostly in Westgate, using informants and spies to remain one of the most informed individuals of the city.[1]

Later, however, Phultan was locked by Manshoon in the Lair of the Night Masters for nearly 100 years and was slowly starving when a group led by Ilira Nathalan and Myrin Darkdance entered the lair and destroyed him in 1480 DR.[2]

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