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Phycomids (pronounced: /ˈpkmɪdPY-ko-mid[5]) were a type of subterranean fungus creature that could be dangerous to adventurers.[3]


Phycomids resembled white, fibrous blobs of decomposing matter with capped fungi growing out of them.[3][4]


Within several clusters of a phycomid's body were sensory organs that detected heat, sound, and vibrations.[3][4]


When attacking prey, phycomids discharged a highly alkaline substance in small globules from a tube-like appendage. This substance could potentially infect the targeted creatures, causing them to sprout mushroom-like growths that gradually spread throughout their body.[3][4]


In the mid-14th century DR, several yak caravans and their drivers were found dead in Ra-Khati due to phycomids.[6]



Beyond Toril, phycomids could be found within the Underdark of the planet Krynn.[7]

In the Abyss, they could be found in Shedaklah, the Slime Pits, 222nd layer of the Abyss.[8]


Phycomids were one of many types of fungi that hook horrors were known to feast upon.[9]

Some drow were known to install phycomids in locations to act as traps.[10]



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