A phylactery was a term for a charm or amulet, or repository used to store small parchments bearing holy scripture or arcane writings.

Lich's phylacteryEdit

A magic phylactery was used to store the souls and life force of liches. A mage had to create such a phylactery in order to become a lich, a highly expensive and taxing effort. Typically, a phylactery was a sealed metal box containing strips of parchment on which arcane phrases were inscribed. However, a phylactery could be any number of things, such as a ring or amulet.[1]

If a lich's physical body was destroyed, it could regenerate where its phylactery was located over a matter of days. However, if the phylactery itself was destroyed, then the lich could not regenerate and would remain destroyed.[1] For this reason, liches sought to guard their phylacteries powerfully against any attack.[citation needed]

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