A pick, also known as a pickax or pickaxe was a hand tool for digging and breaking up hard or rocky ground.[citation needed]


Picks ranged in size from about 1​ to ​4 feet (0.3​ to ​1.2 meters) long with a perpendicularly mounted striking head. Their head were a sharp spike on one side and the other side could either be a chisel, hammer, or another spike. Their spikes were typically curved slightly toward the haft. Primitive picks were known to have only a single spike. Their shafts were usually made of stout wood, but were also seen crafted from metal or bone.[citation needed]


  • Serrated picks, a type of pick that was similar to the standard variety but had longer, more saw-like heads.[4]
  • War picks, otherwise known as military picks, were picks adapted and designed for the purposes of warfare.[5][4]



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