Piergeiron the Paladinson (pronounced: /pɪərˈgɪərɒnpeer-GEER-on[2]) was the Open Lord of Waterdeep throughout most of the 1300s DR and leader of the Lords' Alliance.[3] He lived in Piergeiron's Palace in Waterdeep.[1] Usually, the identities of the Lords of Waterdeep were concealed from the people, but Piergeiron was one of only four whose identities were known, the others being Ahghairon, Baeron, and Lhestyn.[4] Piergeiron was personally guarded by Madeiron Sunderstone.[1]


Piergeiron was tall, muscular, and handsome with slightly greying hair.[1]


Piergeiron did not speak very often and when he did, he spoke very slowly. This led to some of those around him nicknaming him "the Thickskull," although never in his presence.[1]


Piergerion's father Athar, "the Shining Knight", was famed for slaying the great red wyrm Kistarianth the Red.[1] In 1369 DR, during Halaster's Higharvestide, Piergeiron would slay Kistarianth himself when the dragon rose again as a dracolich.[5]

Piergeiron's first wife, Shaleen, to whom he was married in his youth, died. Piergeiron's second marriage was to Maethiira, but she died as well in 1344 DR, leaving him with one daughter, Aleena Paladinstar, who left Waterdeep to explore the planes.[1]


Piergeiron, after a career in the City Guard, became the Open Lord of Waterdeep in 1314 DR.[6]

In the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, during the Time of Troubles, a purported avatar of Selûne arrived in Waterdeep. Piergeiron and Khelben Arunsun covertly watched her arrival at the House of the Moon, while discussing the need for caution.[7] The avatar was later invited to a party at Castle Waterdeep, which was attended by Piergeiron and Khelben. Fenn Estelmer introduced Kyriani to Piergeiron, and she shared her concerns. While she spoke more with Khelben, the Dark Army of the Night crashed the party, seeking to kidnap the avatar. Piergeiron ordered the City Guard to stop them, though the avatar took care of them herself. Afterward, Kyriani confronted the avatar, but they fought a spell-battle, only stopped when Piergeiron intervened, commanding even the goddess to restrain herself. He had the City Guard apprehend Kyriani.[8]

Later, a group of lawyers approached Lord Piergeiron with an offer. The lawyers promised to streamline the handling of civil disputes as these took up increasing amounts of the Lord's Court's time. They pushed Piergeiron for an agreement and he unwisely and hastily agreed, signing a contract between the lawyers and the city. Furthermore, Piergeiron received his own attorney. However, the lawyers were more interested in the letter of the law, while Piergeiron simply made rulings based on their recommendations. Khelben hatched a plan to force the lawyers to renege on their contract and evict them from the city.[9]

He was noted as being "well past 50 winters" at the end of 1367 DR but his actual age was unknown.[10]

As of 1374 DR, Piergeiron was still Open Lord.[6]

Still holding the seat of the Open Lord of Waterdeep in the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR, Lord Piergeiron was in the middle of a lavish wedding ceremony to Eidola of Neverwinter (who looked a lot like the lord's long-lost love Shaleen), a descendant of the hero Boareskyr. The marriage was to bring prosperity to both Waterdeep and the Boareskyr family by establishing a profitable caravan route to Kara-Tur, crossing the Boareskyr Bridge. In a swirl of conspiracies and murder attempts by ravenous doppelgangers and treacherous members of the Master Mariners' Guild, the wedding was interrupted by a cloud of darkness and a group of summoned basal golems who abducted the bride and disappeared with her into the faraway Utter East.[11]

In 1379 DR Piergeiron the Paladinson died in office of age and ill health, after several assassination attempts at the hands of those increasingly impatient to replace him with their various stooges.[12]



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