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The Piiradost (pronounced: /ˈpɪərɑːdstPEER-ah-dohst[2]) family were part of the nobility of Waterdeep since the late 12th century DR. Their primary business interests were in breeding horses and raising cattle.[1][2][3]


In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the patriarch of the family was Lord Humbraz Piiradost III. His consort at this time was Lady Kymiko (his fourth wife), a native of Kozakura. The heir to the title was his second son, Humbraz IV,[2][3] but the young scion was enjoying the vices available in the City of Splendors and not keenly interested in learing how to run the family businesses.[2] As of this date, the family had seventeen living members that could claim nobility.[3]


The Piiradosts bred horses and raised cattle in the environs around Waterdeep.[2][3]

Base of Operations[]

The Piiradost family villa (labeled N7) circa 1372 DR.

The Piiradost family compound was just off the busy High Road to the east on Sashtar Street. The walled villa covered the corner of the block formed by the north side of Sashtar and the west side of Windborne Way. The compound was composed of one- and two-story uniquely designed buildings surrounding a green space. Across the alley behind the residence was the Crommor villa. Just across Sashtar to the south was the villa of the Talmost family.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Rumors & Legends[]

In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, there were whispers around town that the Piiradosts were dabbling in the slave trade. The sudden disappearance of the eldest son, Farlond, was the cause of idle speculation that he botched a huge trade deal that almost brought the family to financial ruin.[12]


The rumors had some basis in truth. The laborer Hemmerem was working on a caravan team hauling cargo to Waterdeep when he discovered that the cargo was mostly likely slaves, even though he was told they were "hired servants and specialists from the South". When the caravan reached the city, Hemmerem felt his life was in danger. He narrowly avoided an assassination attempt and found evidence that the oldest son of Lord Piiradost wrote the death warrant. He presented the letter to the family patriarch and was given a sum of money to keep silent about the dirty business. Farlond Piiradost was quickly sent away to live with distant relatives in Iriaebor and the coverup was apparently successful. Hemmerem's discretion led to other work for the noble family, including jobs on the horse-breeding side.[13]


  • Humbraz Piiradost III: Patriarch in the mid–14th century.[1][2][3]
  • Kymiko Piiradost: Consort of Humbraz III (fourth wife) from Kozakura.[2][3]
  • Farlond Piiradost: Eldest son of Humbraz III. Banished to Irieabor.[12]
  • Humbraz Piiradost IV: Second son of Humbraz III and official heir.[2][3]



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