Pilot Demitrick was a warrior from Targos who traveled the North, finding work as a guide, hunter, sage and all-round mercenary. He became a renowned guide within the northern territories, leading adventurers and the like into the more dangerous regions of the Savage Frontier.[1]


Pilot was a forthright individual who would do anything for his friends.[2][1]


Pilot was born in the fishing village of Targos to a family of fishers whose catches were shipped as far away as Triboar and Leilon.[2]

During the Battle of Icewind Dale, in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR, Akar Kessel army surrounded the Pilot's home town of Targos. While many citizens were frightened into hiding, Pilot's let a small fighting force that resisted the army. Unfortunately, Pilot's mother was taken hostage and her husband was forced to surrender. They were both killed as an example to the town, leaving Pilot orphaned.[2]



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