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Pink dragons were a very, very rare species of chromatic dragon.[1]


Pink dragons, true to their name, had a delicate pink coloration. They were often said to be "dopey-looking".[1]


Pink dragons loved to talk and make jokes but, while not actually malevolent, were prone to eating those who didn't laugh at their jokes.[1]


Pink dragons lacked the fear-inducing aura of other true dragons and their innate magical abilities were erratic: only a little less than a quarter of pink dragons could cast spells, always as illusionists.[1]

Pink dragons were best known for their unusual breath weapon: a special gland in them mixed a fatty secretion with a lye-like liquid and the resulting goop came out as many, many bubbles, forming a cloud some 60 feet (18 meters) long, 50 feet (15 meters) wide, and 20 feet (6.1 meters) high. The soap-like substance was painful if it got into the eyes and the cloud overall effectively blinded those within it. The pain was also known to be sufficiently distracting as to render fighting impractical. Pink dragons were immune to their own breath weapon by virtue of a transparent third eyelid and bat-like sonar.[1]


Despite their decidedly ridiculous appearance, pink dragons were quite dangerous in combat and many adventurers fatally underestimated them because of their coloring. Pink dragons typically used their breath weapon in combat before relying on their claws and teeth.[1]


Pink dragons were exceptionally rare, and were known to live in most any terrain. They typically made their homes in underground lairs.[1]



The Shattered Mask


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