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The Pirate Isles were a collection of rocky islands that dotted the Sea of Fallen Stars and were inhabited by pirates. There were fifteen named islands but around sixty in total. The islands that comprised Prespur were not included in the Pirate Isles, despite their proximity.[1][2]


The general makeup of the islands was mountainous terrain with high rocky cliffs. This meant that there were not a lot of ports in the Pirate Isles.[3]

As of 1479 DR, due to the continued shrinking of the Sea of Fallen Stars in the century after the Spellplague, most of the Pirate Isles had become a single large island named Pirate Isle.[4]


A hand-drawn map of the Pirate Isles.

Dragonisle was the largest isle. The huge Earthspur was located here. The main harbor was the settlement of Immurk's Hold.
Alphar Isle
Alphar was full of pirate holds, home to around 3,000 pirates.[citation needed]
All trees and animals were half their normal size on Bulta.[5]
The Fangrocks were a cluster of natural reefs exposed only during low tide that covered a circle ten miles wide.[citation needed]
Hawk's Isle
Hawk's Isle was a pleasant, fruit-filled island on which a plague had left its natives horribly deformed.[citation needed]
Ilthan was another pirate hold, though the northern end of the island was full of cyclops shepherds.[citation needed]
Kelthann was a common smuggler's trading point.[citation needed]
Lith had a dangerous reputation. Spelljamming ships landed here, observed as meteors by witnesses.[citation needed]
Around 20 square miles (52 sq km), Lurath was enclosed by high cliffs, and sea caves that held time portals.[6]
Mirg Isle
Mirg Isle was a pirate hold once the stronghold of Xenz, an ally of Zhentil Keep.[citation needed]
Oresk was the third strongest of the pirate holds in the isles, ruled by Azla.[citation needed]
Paldir was a mountainous isle full of ex-pirates, and had 1000-foot-tall (305 m) stone carvings of human-like heads.[citation needed]
Sarr was a tiny island. It was mostly ignored and the only structure here was a lighthouse.[citation needed]
Sumbar was the location of the powerful and mysterious Sumbar Oracle. It was treacherous due to the reefs that surrounded it.[citation needed]
Tan appeared as a smoking volcano and was avoided. It was home to Eshcaz, a huge red dragon.[7]
Telfar had the benefit of a natural harbor on its west coast, but was prone to whirlpools that were dangerous to shipping.[citation needed]
Ulgar's Isle
Ulgar's Isle was haunted by the vampire Ulgar the Undying.[citation needed]