"Aye, fightin' ship to ship is a grand thing. Makes ya feel like a real pirate, aimin' ballistas and catapults and such at the enemy, blastin' great holes in her hull, watchin' 'em flee like rats..." Jomo Shanbaeren's eyes glaze over with memories, and for a moment he looks like a young man again as he relives his glory days. "And boardin'! That's the thrill—leapin' from yer own gunwales onto the enemy's deck, cutlass flashin', givin' 'em the ol' hook-and-eye—" the retired pirate slashes at an invisible opponent with the iron hook that takes the place of his right hand—"drivin' 'em back to the rails! Let me tell yer about the time we took on Teldar and the Kissing Maiden..." Pirates of the Fallen Stars reveals for the first time the details about the Pirate Isles, in the center of the Inner Sea. Here are facts about their societies, their interactions with the Inner Sea nations, their pirate kings, their ships, their style of combat; in fact, here is everything any DM or player needs to know to enjoy a campaign in the Sea of Fallen Stars and its environs.


  • Chapter 1: To Be A Pirate
  • Chapter 2: Generating Pirate Characters
  • Chapter 3: Nations of the Inner Sea
  • Chapter 4: The Pirate Isles
  • Chapter 5: The Rogues' Gallery
  • Chapter 6: Ships of the Inner Sea
  • Chapter 7: Movement and Combat
  • Chapter 8: Raid on Teziir


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Alton MertlinAzlaBlack AnzilChazdanCydaranDalvar CorzonHarvas PeltsenHuzzaImmurkIsyioJezgar SkentzinJomo ShanbaerenLaershalaMethlasMulnis LenzOracle of SumbarQuelzur NaismenRespitilTeldarThevrenThilanaUrdogenVurgromWessalen ArturiaYosten
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Palaghard Obarskyr IPalaghard Obarskyr IIThara OlósynneUlae OlósynneUmberlee


Alliance of FreesailorsAstoriansBrotherhood of the Red TideCouncil of TeziirCormyrean FreesailsCult of the DragonImmurk's BandLords of WaterdeepNight MasksRoyal Freesailors


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CalauntImmurk's HoldRavens BluffProcampurTantrasTelflammTeziirWestgate
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Alphar IsleBultaDragon ReachDragonisleEasting ReachFang RocksHawk's IsleIlthanKelthannLithLurathMirg IsleMoonseaOreskPaldirPirate IslesSarrSumbarTanTelfarUlgar IsleVilhon Reach


ball lightningcalm watercalm winddispel fogImmurk's distractionmass jumpoars to snakesoilskinpreserve woodsargassosea legstidal wavewatery formweathertellwhirlpoolwind servant
flask of vaporsoil of stillnesspouch of winds


Kissing MaidenRaging TearsSea-ScorpionStirgeWind's Slave


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