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Pirithin Alagost was a halfling thief and a Merchant Duke of the city of Calaunt in the Vast in the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[1]


Pirithin was formerly an adventurer in Bellas's Band, under Bellas Thanatar.[1][2][3] Each member of the band grew wealthy by following Bellas's orders.[2][3]

Around the 1330s DR, Bellas's Band took power in the city of Calaunt. Bellas named himself Supreme Scepter, while Pirithin took the title of Merchant Duke.[1][2][3]


Pirithin and the dukes grew increasingly wealthy and powerful by following Bellas and supporting his rule.[2][4][3] In all decisions on major policies, Pirithin had one vote while Bellas had two.[1]

Pirithin and the Dukes often confiscated property and magic from visitors, allegedly "for the benefit of the city", but mostly used it only for personal gain and use, to increase their power. They acquired a large collection of magical items this way, and still sought more.[1][2][3]

Pirithin lived in a palatial house close to the Fortress of the Five Vultures.[1]