Pisaethces,[2] also spelled Piscaethces,[1] and known as The Blood Queen, was an Elder Evil and the creator of aboleths.[2][1]


The Blood Queen appeared to be a huge aboleth without tentacles, with mucus the color of blood. According to abolethic conceptions, Piscaethces travelled the currents of probability between infinite realities, and spread her seed as she moved from one world to another. She never stayed long on one Material Plane and was uncaring about her creations.[1]


Most common aboleths, and all aboleth savants, honored Piscaethces. Many built large domed windows of red crystal within their architecture to honor her.[1] Her clerics and many aboleth mages venerated her and believed in her thirst for oppression.[2]


From her blood, the Eldest, an aboleth of great power, was spawned. The aboleths knew that their creation was a cosmic accident that came about merely as a by-product of the interaction between the Blood Queen’s body and the material world, and therefore they felt free to act as they wished.[1]



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