Scholars say that there are sixteen standard ranks of baatezu and pit fiends are right at the top of this hierarchy.

Physical descriptionEdit

Pit fiends are the generals of baatezu armies, the orchestrators of mass corruption and the bullies of their lesser devils. They appear as bestial, scaled humanoids twice the height of any human being with a pair of wings that it can wrap around its body. As venom drips from their fangs, fire wreathes the pit fiend's entire body. When mortals think of devils, the pit fiends are the creatures that are brought to mind. These creatures appear to be large humanoids with brilliant red skin. Their heads are adorned with massive horns while their bodies are cloaked in a pair of bat-like wings. A long, prehensile tail snakes from their backside. The mouth of a pit fiend is filled with sharpened fangs whose bite carries both a terrible poison and a virulent disease. A pit fiend stands over 12 feet tall and weighs 800 pounds.

Abilities Edit

Armed with superhuman combat prowess, the intelligence of a mighty wizard, an array of powerful spell-like abilities, and usually the resources of a devilish army as well, pit fiends are incredibly dangerous foes. Powerful conjurers can summon a pit fiend to make deals. Contracts are usually written up in order to have the deal honored, but pit fiends are masters of such things and always have ways of perverting the contract to their own ends.


The next step up from pit fiend in the infernal hierarchy is the rank of duke. Only dukes are allowed to become an archdevil. The process of becoming a duke does not involve a ritual as other devilish ranks do; it just means that a pit fiend gains even more prestige.

Pit fiends are the most powerful of the infernal legions. They serve not only as the generals of Hell’s armies, but also as the lower nobility of the infernal courts. These monstrous fiends are only surpassed in power, prestige, magic, authority & overall, by the archdevils.

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