Pithar the Bold was a halfling fighter that worked as an administrator at Holyhands House in the North Ward of Waterdeep in the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. He and his two brothers were known as the Defenders Three.[1][2]


Pithar commissioned three swords (two for himself and one for his brother Asohs) from Brian the Swordmaster. They were the length of a short sword but designed to be wielded using a long sword technique. He also acquired a ring of protection +3 from the Dungeon of the Crypt in the City of the Dead.[1]


Pithar was very strong. In his youth. He even acted as a bouncer when someone disrupted one of his favorite taverns. It took almost a year, but he taught himself how to fight effectively with one of his special swords in each hand. He could block and parry opponents wielding even large two-handed swords.[1]


He had a two-year stint as a member of the City Watch in Trades Ward but quit after suffering under the condescension of his superior officers. He joined Asohs and his other brother Amstor in taking service to Ultas Maernos of the noble Maernos family as bodyguards. That job lasted at least two years and, when Ultas passed away, they took over the management of his estate as Holyhands House no later than 1372 DR.[1][2]


Pithar was younger than his brother Amstor but older than his brother Asohs. The Defenders Three were considered friends of the Harpers because, in their service to Lord Maernos, they delivered packages and messages to various Harper agents in Baldur's Gate, Luskan, and Mirabar. The trio hoped to be invited to become full-fledged Harpers.[1]



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