Pixies were a race of sprites native to the Feywild.[citation needed]
Petal gowns and acorn caps are so last summer!
  — Rivergleam, pixie fashionista[3]


Pixies resembled tiny elves, with reports placing them variously at 2.5 feet (0.76 meters)[7][2][1] to as little as 1 foot (0.3 meters)[3] in height. Pixies had silvery, moth-like wings and preferred to wear brightly colored clothing.[2]


Pixies were mischievous sprites that enjoyed playing pranks on people. Such pranks included leading travelers astray and tricking misers into parting with their wealth.[2]


Pixies had a number of innate magical abilities, such as being naturally invisible. At will, they could replicate the spells polymorph self, know alignment, dispel magic, dancing lights, and ESP. Once per day, they could turn visible for as long as they desired, cause confusion at a touch, and create an illusion with both visual and audible components; this illusion would remain until dispelled. Some pixies could replicate the spell Otto's irresistible dance once a day.[2]

In combat, pixies wielded appropriately sized swords and bows. Their arrows were sometimes drugged with a potion that caused complete memory loss.[2]


Pixies were among the creatures believed to have been created by the fey creator race.[9]


Pixie villages each had different clans or families in it; community loyalty was very important to pixies.[2]

Although pixies carried no treasure with them, they were known to have tiny hoards in their homes in order to impress visitors.[2]


Pixies were active at nighttime. They were herbivorous, eating fruit and nectar.[2]


Pixies tended to lived in temperate forest regions, making their villages in deep forest caves.[2]

In North Faerûn, they inhabited the woods of Cormanthyr.[10] In Northwest Faerûn, they inhabited the Laughing Hollow.[11] On the Moonshae Isles they could be found in many of its deciduous and coniferous forests, in particular the Myrloch Vale.[12]


Crushed pixie wings made pixie dust, also called dust of disappearance. The creation of this dust was, naturally, frowned upon by pixies.[2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

One legend in the Feywild claimed that pixies stole the secret of making honey from a goblet of mead belonging to the Summer Queen and then sold it to the bee species as a whole.[13]



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