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Plainsjan were a species of gremlin native to the planet of Anadia.[1]


Plainsjan were small, vaguely humanoid creatures some 3 feet (0.91 meters) tall. They had very sharp teeth and proportionately large claws, as well as a small but stout tail that they could use for balance. They had rather distinctive oversized, pointed ears.[1]


They preferred to prey on creatures weaker or fewer in number than them.[1]


Plainsjan had venom in their bites, which had only a slight intoxicating effect. However, the venom's effects were cumulative and the creatures always fought in groups, which made them potentially very dangerous indeed. Plainsjan themselves were immune to poison.[1]


Plainsjan attacked in groups, using their venomous bites and sharp, oversized claws to bring down prey. They preferred to surround prey and attack from every direction.[1]


Plainsjan were native to the vast deserts of Anadia, where they fed primarily on the umber hulks common to those regions. They would supplement their diets with the flesh of humanoids or other creatures where possible. They lived in tight, family/friend-oriented groups and were often territorial.[1]

Plainsjan always produced one or more sets of identical twins when they bred. The twins spent their entire lives together and shared everything, including food and mates.[1]

Plainsjan were sometimes transported to other planets because of either careless spelljammers or perhaps malevolent ones, for in such reports, the gremlins ran rampant killing everything they could.[1]