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Planescape Campaign Setting is a 2nd-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons boxed set. It is part of the Planescape campaign setting.


Discover the multiverse! Enter infinite universes of infinite variety, worlds beyond the prime-material settings of the AD&D game. Explore Sigil, the City of Doors, filled with portals to every layer of every plane. All you need is the right key, including...

A PLAYER'S GUIDE TO THE PLANES. a 32-page primer that introduces DMs and players alike to the grand design of the multiverse.

A DM™ GUIDE TO THE PLANES. a 64-page book of valuable information solely for the Dungeon Master.

SIGIL AND BEYOND. a 96-pageazetteer that introduces Sigil and its surrounding plane as the starting point for planar adventures. From Sigil all the Outer Planes may be sampled by novice and veteran explorers alike.

MONSTROUS SUPPLEMENT. a 32-page, full-color Monstrous Compendium® booklet.

Four poster-sized maps depicting the planes.

A four-panel DM screen designed especially for planar campaigns.

Until now, only the most powerful wizards could peek into the magnificent multiverse, but no longer! Gone are the unimaginable distances and the insurmountable obstacles that only the ultrapowerful could hope to overcome. Now even the greenest adventurer can enter the planes, though surviving long is another matter...

Have at it, berk! Powers, proxies, petitioners, and wondrous monsters await just beyond the portal. Step through and partake of the infinite excitement of Planescape™ adventures!


The Planescape Campaign Setting was designed by David "Zeb" Cook. It was published by TSR as a boxed set and consisted of a 96-page guide to the town of Sigil and the Outlands, a 64-page DM Guide, a 32-page Player guide, a 32-page Monstrous Supplement, four 32" x 21" full color double-sided map sheets, and one four-panel referee screen. Editing was by David Wise, the conceptual artist was Dana Knutson, illustrations were by Tony DiTerlizzi, graphic design was by Dee Barnett and Dawn Murin, and the cover was by Robh Ruppel.

The Planescape Campaign Setting boxed set details the planes which had been previously featured in books such as Deities and Demigods and the Manual of the Planes. The Inner Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the Paraelemental and Quasimental Planes, and the Positive and Negative Material Planes are discussed first. This includes their descriptions, physical and magical conditions, and native hazards. The Outer Planes are also detailed, with their layers and the realms possible on each layer. Important layers and realms are included in the descriptions of individual Outer Planes, including which gods ("Powers") make their home there. Also described with the Outer Planes are the four unique planar paths—the rivers Oceanus and Styx, the tree Yggdrasil, and Mount Olympus—which touch many layers of the various Outer Planes and can take travelers from one place to another. The largest of the set's guides is devoted to a description of the Outlands, which provides connections to all the other Outer Planes via corresponding towns or forts located at various sites. Sigil, the City of Doors, located atop the Outlands, is a place run by various factions, and which contains portals to any plane or layer. The ruler of Sigil is the Lady of Pain, a mysterious being who appears during times of internal or external turmoil.

With the rules governing inter-planar travel, characters can move from plane to plane via portals, elemental vortices, and astral conduits. A vortex works like a doorway; a conduit is nothing more than a tunnel. Depending upon the parameters of the campaign, players may choose from the standard AD&D game archetypes, including humans, dwarves, and halflings, or opt for planar races, such as bariaur, githzerai, and tieflings. A player also may assign his PC to one of the character factions, which derive from philosophies and alignments, and most factions accept every class. Wizard and priest spells are affected in different ways based on the caster's location.

Planescape Campaign Setting won the Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation of a Roleplaying Game, Adventure, or Supplement of 1994.[1]


A Player's Guide to the Planes
  • Welcome to the Planes
  • Denizens of the Planes
  • Factions of the Planes
A DM Guide to the Planes
  • Introduction
  • Magic and the Planes
  • Traveling the Planes
  • The Inner Planes
  • The Outer Planes
Sigil and Beyond
  • Home on the Planes
  • The Lay of 'the Land'
  • Features of the Outlands
  • Doorway to Sigil
  • Sigil Without a Guide
Monstrous Supplement



  • Designer: David "Zeb" Cook
  • Editor: David Wise
  • Project Coordinator: Dori Jean Hein
  • Box Cover Artist: Robh Ruppel
  • Conceptual Artist: Dana Knutson
  • Interior Artist: Tony DiTerlizzi
  • Graphics Coordinator: Sarah Feggestad
  • Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
  • Electronic Prepress Coordinator: Tim Coumbe
  • Typography: Angelika Lokotz
  • Cartography: Rob Lazzaretti
  • Border Art: Robert Repp
  • Graphic Design: Dee Barnett, Dawn Murin
  • Proofreading: James M. Ward, Skip Willams, Michele Carter, Bill Slavicsek
  • Design Review: Brian Kowal


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