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Plate of Balduran.

The Plate of Balduran was the set of full plate armor worn by the famous hero and explorer Balduran.[1]


This +2 full plate mail bolstered the heartiness of its wearer and made them more striking and charming in the eyes of others.[1]


Balduran's suit of armor was originally uncovered by a group of adventurers in the Sword Coast and sold off for a small fortune. Several copies were made to accommodate the demands of Faerûnian collectors and historians.[2]

It was believed the original eventually wound up in the possession of a museum in the city of Baldur's Gate, where it was subsequently stolen, along with the explorer's sword and shield. At some point the original came into the inventory of Ribald's Barterman's shop, the Adventurer Mart, in the city of Athkatla around the year 1369 DR.[1]


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