Platinum is a rare silvery-white metal sometimes used as a currency in the Realms. Its value is generally greater than gold and, like gold, it's resistant to oxidation.

Worth[edit | edit source]

Most coins in Faerûn work off of the silver and gold standard, with copper pieces (cp) being worth 1/100th of a gold piece (gp) and Silver pieces (sp) being worth 1/10 of a gp. electrum coins are worth 5 sp, and platinum coins are worth 10 gp.

Each coin is approximately 30.6 mm in diameter and weighs approximately 9 grams each (or 50 to one pound).

Conversion[edit | edit source]

Simplified: 1000cp = 100sp = 20ep = 10gp = 1pp

In the 1st edition of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set the currency is based on a gold standard but the conversion to other coinage is different:

200cp = 20sp = 2ep = 1gp = 1/5pp

or with fractions removed:

1000cp = 100sp = 10ep = 5gp = 1pp

Note that electrum was valued less than gold. This system of currency is/was used in the nation of Cormyr and many other organized nations.[3]

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