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Platinum dragons were the rarest of metallic dragons; in fact, most believed that there was only one platinum dragon.[3] They represented the archetype of good-aligned metallic dragons.[1]


Platinum dragons had platinum scales and were huge, even by dragon standards.[4][5] Their bodies and eyes radiated powerful auras of light, sometimes making onlookers unable to discern the color of their scales.[4] Two of the only three known platinum dragons on Realmspace were wingless wyrms.[4]

A rare few dragonborn sorcerers who drew their magic through their draconic heritage were able to manifest traits of platinum dragons as well.[6]


Bahamut was the only platinum dragon known to most non-dragon scholars, and they believed he was a unique type of dragon. Even so, those scholars were wrong about this—Bahamut was actually unique among his kind for the fact that he had wings[3] (although it was once said that Bahamut was a wingless dragon as well).[7]

Known Platinum Dragons[]

All known platinum dragons were members of the Draconic pantheon.[4][8]

Rumors & Legends[]

King Strohm IV of Tethyr was said to have been protected by a platinum dragon, but who this dragon was is lost to history.[9]



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