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Player’s Guide to Faerûn is a sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition ruleset. It updates many rules from the 3rd-edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and provides additional and update spells, magic items, and prestige classes; expanded cosmology; psionics lore; adaptations for Book of Exalted Deeds and Book of Vile Darkness; and more.

The heroes of the Forgotten Realms are as diverse and varied as the regions from which they hail. This collection of Faerûnian lore and arcana allows you to create and equip an endless array of characters braced for the challenges they'll encounter. From races, feats, and spells to prestige classes, magic items, and more, Player's Guide to Faerûn provides a v.3.5 update to the Forgotten Realms setting, reintroduces some old favorites from 1st and 2nd Edition, and offers all-new character-building material.
  • Over 60 feats
  • More than 30 prestige classes
  • 90 spells


Acid stormBall lightningBattletideBlack talonBlinding spittleBlindsightBombardmentBriartangleCaligarde's clawClaws of the beastCloud of bewildermentCreate magic tattooDread blastElminster's effulgent epurationEye of powerFavor of IlmaterFiendformFirewardFleshshiverForcewardGedlee's electric loopGeneral of undeathGlory of the martyrGreater shield of LathanderGreater sword and hammerHandfireHarmonyHoly starHowling chainIcelanceInfernoLawful swordLightning ringLively stepMace of OdoManyjawsMold touchMoonwebMystic lashMystra's miasmaNature's balanceNchaser's glowing orbNybor's gentle reminderNybor's mild admonishmentNybor's stern reproofObedient avalanchePact of martyrdomPossess animalPresper's moonbowPrismatic eyeRosemantleRuby ray of reversalShield of LathanderShroud of flameSimbul's spell matrixSimbul's spell sequencerSimbul's spell triggerSkull eyesSkull of secretsSkull watchSpectral stagSpell enhancerSpell nameSpell phylacterySpell shieldSpellmantleStone bodyStone walkStrength of the beastSummon undead ISummon undead IISummon undead IIISummon undead VSunriseSurelifeSword and hammerThorn sprayTranscribe symbolTree healingTriple maskUndead bane weaponUndeath after deathUndeath's eternal foeUnderstand deviceVipergoutWall of moonlightWall of sandWarningWieldskill



A copy of Player's Guide to Faerûn can be glimpsed in this image in the Eberron sourcebook Sharn: City of Towers, though with its spine on the right rather than the left.


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