There are many parallel worlds, and in times past, travel was easy between them. But those ways are now lost. Those worlds are forgotten.

Or are they?

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms.

This volume, brimming with newly rediscovered facts and original fiction, introduces you to the best-selling world of Faerûn, where elves are mysteriously disappearing, and magic is an art gifted by a goddess. No difficult game jargon obscures the wonders before you. Come and explore.

Open this book, and discover a forgotten world!

The Player’s Guide to the Forgotten Realms for 2nd Edition follows the journal entries of an adventuring company called The Seekers as they travel across the Realms seeking the Tear of Selûne using the staff of the Shard. In each chapter their quest takes them to a different part of the Realms. Sidebars in each chapter also give more background information on various locations, races, organizations, or other odds and ends. The book contains a few maps of cities and regions and one of the continent, but no hard statistics are given for anything.

Sidebar ListEdit

(page numbers in parentheses)

Cities & Towns
  • Ales & Beers of the Realms (72-73)
  • Breads of the Realms
  • Cheeses of the Realms (87-88)
  • Dethek Runes (100)
  • Druidic Circles (35)
  • Mages’ Sigils (62-63)
  • Religion in the Realms (16)
  • The Retreat (24)
  • Wines of the Realms (41-42)

The SeekersEdit

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