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The Player's Handbook 3rd edition was one of the core rulebooks for the 3rd-edition of Dungeons & Dragons®.

Here is the indispensable manual of fantasy roleplaying. The Player's Handbook includes everything you need to create and play your ideal DUNGEONS & DRAGONS character. Pick up this book and join the millions of other players who have made the D&D game the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game!


  • Character Creation Basics
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Abilities
  • Chapter 2: Races
  • Chapter 3: Classes
  • Chapter 4: Skills
  • Chapter 5: Feats
  • Chapter 6: Description
  • Chapter 7: Equipment
  • Chapter 8: Combat
  • Chapter 9: Adventuring
  • Chapter 10: Magic
  • Chapter 11: Spells
  • Appendix: General Guidlines and Glossary


This was the original Player's Handbook for the 3rd edition. It was replaced in 2003 by the Player's Handbook v.3.5, when the rules were advanced from 3rd edition to 3.5 edition.

It represented a major overhaul of the game, including the adoption of the d20 system. The third edition also dropped the word Advanced from the title, as the publisher decided to publish only one version of the game instead of both basic and advanced versions. It also brought the return of half-orcs and monks to the core rules set.


  • Designers: Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet, Skip Williams
  • Player's Handbook Design: Jonathan Tweet
  • Additional Design and Direction: Peter Adkison
  • Additional Design: Richard Baker
  • Editors: Julia Martin, John D. Rateliff
  • Editorial Assistance: Duane Maxwell, Jeff Quick, Penny Williams
  • Managing Editor: Kim Mohan
  • Core D&D Creative Director: Ed Stark
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Brand Manager: Ryan Dangey
  • Category Manager: Keith Strohm
  • Project Managers: Larry Weiner, John Fischer
  • Visual Creative Director: John Schindehette
  • Art Director: Dawn Murin
  • D&D Conceptual Artists: Todd Lockwood, Sam Wood
  • D&D Logo Design: Matt Adelsperger, Sherry Floyd
  • Cover Art: Henry Higgenbotham
  • Interior Artists: Lars Grant-West, Scott Fischer, John Foster, Todd Lockwood, David Martin, Arnie Swekel, Sam Wood
  • Cartographer: Todd Gamble
  • Graphic Designers: Sean Glenn, Sherry Floyd
  • Digi-Tech Specialist: Joe Fernandez
  • Photographer: Craig Cudnohufsky
  • Production Manager: Chas DeLong


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