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The Player's Handbook v.3.5 is a core sourcebook for the 3.5th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Endless adventure and untold excitement await! Prepare to venture forth with your bold companions into a world of heroic fantasy. Within these pages, you'll discover all the tools and options you need to create characters worthy of song and legend for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

The revised Player's Handbook is the definitive rulebook for the Dungeons & Dragons game. It contains complete rules for the newest edition and is an essential purchase for anyone who wants to play the game.

The revised Player's Handbook received revisions to character classes to make them more balanced, including updates to the bard, druid, monk, paladin, and ranger. Spell lists for characters have been revised and some spell levels adjusted. Skills have been consolidated somewhat and clarified. A larger number of feats have been added to give even more options for character customization in this area. In addition, the new and revised content instructs players on how to take full advantage of the tie-in D&D miniatures line planned to release in the fall of 2003 from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Abilities
  • Chapter 2 Races
  • Chapter 3 Classes
  • Chapter 4 Skills
  • Chapter 5 Feats
  • Chapter 6 Description
  • Chapter 7 Equipment
  • Chapter 8 Combat
  • Chapter 9 Adventuring
  • Chapter 10 Magic
  • Chapter 11 Spells
  • Appendix General Guidelines and Glossary


In 2003, after two years of player feedback, the 3rd-edition rules were revised to the 3.5th-edition ruleset. Revisions in the Player's Handbook v.3.5 included the classes becoming more balanced against each other. Player's Handbook v.3.5 was reprinted as a premium edition on September 18, 2012.


Acid fogAcid splashAidAir walkAlarmAlign weaponAlter selfAnalyze dweomerAnimal growthAnimal messengerAnimal shapesAnimal tranceAnimate deadAnimate objectsAnimate plantsAnimate ropeAntilife shellAntimagic fieldAntipathyAntiplant shellArcane eyeArcane lockArcane markArcane sightAstral projectionAtonementAuguryAwakenBaleful polymorphBaneBanishmentBarkskinBear's enduranceBestow curseBigby's clenched fistBigby's crushing handBigby's forceful handBigby's grasping handBigby's interposing handBindingBlade barrierBlasphemyBlessBless waterBless weaponBlightBlindness/deafnessBlinkBlurBreak enchantmentBull's strengthBurning handsCall lightningCall lightning stormCalm animalsCalm emotionsCat's graceCause fearChain lightningChangestaffChaos hammerCharm animalCharm monsterCharm personChill metalChill touchCircle of deathClairaudience/clairvoyanceCloak of chaosCloneCloudkillColor sprayCommandCommand plantsCommand undeadCommuneCommune with natureComprehend languagesCone of coldConfusionConsecrateContact other planeContagionContingencyContinual flameControl plantsControl undeadControl waterControl weatherControl windsCreate food and waterCreate greater undeadCreate undeadCreate waterCreeping doomCrushing despairCure critical woundsCure light woundsCure minor woundsCure moderate woundsCure serious woundsCurse waterDancing lightsDarknessDarkvisionDaylightDazeDaze monsterDeath knellDeath wardDeathwatchDeep slumberDeeper darknessDelay poisonDelayed blast fireballDemandDesecrateDestructionDetect animals or plantsDetect chaosDetect evilDetect goodDetect lawDetect magicDetect poisonDetect scryingDetect secret doorsDetect snares and pitsDetect thoughtsDetect undeadDictumDimension doorDimensional anchorDimensional lockDiminish plantsDiscern liesDiscern locationDisguise selfDisintegrateDismissalDispel chaosDispel evilDispel goodDispel lawDispel magicDisplacementDisrupt undeadDisrupting weaponDivinationDivine favorDivine powerDominate animalDominate monsterDominate personDoomDrawmij's instant summonsDreamEagle's splendorEarthquakeElemental swarmEndure elementsEnergy drainEnervationEnlarge personEntangleEnthrallEntropic shieldEraseEthereal jauntEtherealnessEvard's black tentaclesExpeditious retreatExplosive runesEyebiteFabricateFaerie fireFalse lifeFalse visionFearFeather fallFeeblemindFind the pathFind trapsFinger of deathFire seedsFire shieldFire stormFire trapFireballFlame arrowFlame bladeFlame strikeFlaming sphereFlareFlesh to stoneFlyFog cloudForbiddanceForcecageForesightFox's cunningFreedomFreedom of movementGaseous formGateGeas/questGentle reposeGhost soundGhoul touchGiant verminGlibnessGlitterdustGlobe of invulnerabilityGlyph of wardingGood hopeGoodberryGreaseGreater arcane sightGreater commandGreater dispel magicGreater glyph of wardingGreater heroismGreater invisibilityGreater magic fangGreater magic weaponGreater planar allyGreater planar bindingGreater prying eyesGreater restorationGreater scryingGreater shadow conjurationGreater shadow evocationGreater shoutGreater spell immunityGreater teleportGuards and wardsGuidanceGust of windHallowHallucinatory terrainHalt undeadHarmHasteHealHeal mountHeat metalHelping handHeroes' feastHeroismHide from animalsHide from undeadHold animalHold monsterHold personHold portalHoly auraHoly smiteHoly swordHoly wordHorrid wiltingHypnotic patternHypnotismIce stormIdentifyIllusory scriptIllusory wallImbue with spell abilityImplosionImprisonmentIncendiary cloudInflict critical woundsInflict light woundsInflict minor woundsInflict moderate woundsInflict serious woundsInsanityInsect plagueInvisibilityInvisibility purgeInvisibility sphereIron bodyIronwoodJumpKeen edgeKnockKnow directionLegend loreLeomund's secret chestLeomund's secure shelterLeomund's tiny hutLeomund's trapLesser confusionLesser geasLesser globe of invulnerabilityLesser planar allyLesser planar bindingLesser restorationLevitateLightLightning boltLimited wishLiveoakLocate creatureLocate objectLongstriderLullabyMage armorMage handMagic circle against chaosMagic circle against evilMagic circle against goodMagic circle against lawMagic fangMagic jarMagic missileMagic mouthMagic stoneMagic vestmentmagic weaponMajor creationMajor imageMake wholeMark of justiceMass bear's enduranceMass bull's strengthMass cat's graceMass charm monsterMass cure critical woundsMass cure light woundsMass cure moderate woundsMass cure serious woundsMass eagle's splendorMass enlarge personMass fox's cunningMass healMass hold monsterMass hold personMass inflict critical woundsMass inflict light woundsMass inflict moderate woundsMass inflict serious woundsMass invisibilityMass owl's wisdomMass reduce personMass suggestionMazeMeld into stoneMelf's acid arrowMendingMessageMeteor swarmMind blankMind fogMinor creationMinor imageMiracleMirage arcanaMirror imageMisdirectionMisleadModify memoryMoment of prescienceMordenkainen's disjunctionMordenkainen's faithful houndMordenkainen's lucubrationMordenkainen's magnificent mansionMordenkainen's private sanctumMordenkainen's swordMountMove earthNeutralize poisonNightmareNondetectionNystul's magic auraObscure objectObscuring mistOpen/closeOrder's wrathOtiluke's freezing sphereOtiluke's resilient sphereOtiluke's telekinetic sphereOtto's irresistible danceOverland flightOwl's wisdomPass without tracePasswallPermanencyPermanent imagePersistent imagePhantasmal killerPhantom steedPhase doorPlanar allyPlanar bindingPlane shiftPlant growthPoisonPolar rayPolymorphPolymorph any objectPower word, blindPower word, killPower word, stunPrayerPrestidigitationPrismatic spherePrismatic sprayPrismatic wallProduce flameProgrammed imageProject imageProtection from arrowsProtection from chaosProtection from energyProtection from evilProtection from goodProtection from lawProtection from spellsPrying eyesPurify food and drinkPyrotechnicsQuenchRageRainbow patternRaise deadRary's mnemonic enhancerRary's telepathic bondRay of enfeeblementRay of exhaustionRay of frostRead magicReduce animalReduce personRefugeRegenerateReincarnateRemove blindness/deafnessRemove curseRemove diseaseRemove fearRemove paralysisRepel metal or stoneRepel verminRepel woodRepulsionResist energyResistanceRestorationResurrectionReverse gravityRighteous mightRope trickRusting graspSanctuaryScareScintillating patternScorching rayScreenScryingSculpt soundSearing lightSecret pageSee invisibilitySeemingSendingSepia snake sigilSequesterShadesShadow conjurationShadow evocationShadow walkShamblerShapechangeShatterShieldShield of faithShield of lawShield otherShillelaghShocking graspShoutShrink itemSilenceSilent imageSimulacrumSlay livingSleepSleet stormSlowSnareSoften earth and stoneSolid fogSong of discordSoul bindSound burstSpeak with animalsSpeak with deadSpeak with plantsSpectral handSpell immunitySpell nameSpell resistanceSpell turningSpellstaffSpider climbSpike growthSpike stonesSpiritual weaponStatueStatusStinking cloudStone shapeStone tellStone to fleshStoneskinStorm of vengeanceSuggestionSummon instrumentSummon monster ISummon monster IISummon monster IIISummon monster IVSummon monster VSummon monster VISummon monster VIISummon monster IXSummon nature's ally ISummon nature's ally IISummon nature's ally IIISummon nature's ally IVSummon nature's ally VSummon nature's ally VISummon nature's ally VIISummon nature's ally IXSummon swarmSunbeamSunburstSymbol of deathSymbol of fearSymbol of insanitySymbol of painSymbol of persuasionSymbol of sleepSymbol of stunningSymbol of weaknessSympathetic vibrationSympathyTasha's hideous laughterTelekinesisTeleportTeleport objectTeleportation circleTemporal stasisTenser's floating diskTenser's transformationTime stopTonguesTouch of fatigueTouch of idiocyTransmute metal to woodTransmute mud to rockTransmute rock to mudTransport via plantsTrap the soulTree shapeTree strideTrue resurrectionTrue seeingTrue strikeUndeath to deathUndetectable alignmentUnhallowUnholy auraUnholy blightUnseen servantVampiric touchVeilVentriloquismVirtueVisionWail of the bansheeWall of fireWall of forceWall of iceWall of ironWall of stoneWall of thornsWarp woodWater breathingWater walkWaves of exhaustionWaves of fatigueWebWeirdWhirlwindWhispering windWind walkWind wallWishWood shapeWord of chaosWord of recallZone of silenceZone of truth



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