Give Your Hero a Dark Edge

The Shadowfell is a cold, grim place through which the spirits of the dead must pass on their way to the afterlife. Dark, evil things live there, suffused with the power of shadow. Some mortals in the natural world learn how to tap into this source. However, not all beings that draw strength from the Shadowfell are vile, black-hearted fiends. A few even dare to call themselves heroes, using the power of darkness to fight darkness.

Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow™ is aimed at players who are ready to reach beyond the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials books, Heroes of the Fallen Lands™ and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms™. In addition to exploring the nature of the shadow power source, this roleplaying game supplement presents races, classes, feats, powers, and other options aimed at players hungry to play the archetypical antihero with a dark edge.
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