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The Pleasure domain was a deity domain that granted divine spellcasters such as clerics with pleasurable spells and powers that bolstered morale and removed pain.[1][2]



The priest became immune to anything that harmed their charisma or comeliness.[1]


As they advanced, the priest acquired spells that lifted negative mental conditions, such as remove fear, remove fatigue, and heart's ease; overwhelmed villainous creatures with feelings of goodness with Sharess's caress;[note 1] and eventually pacified hostile beings with spread of contentment. They could also bolster charisma with mass eagle's splendor, enhance physical resilience with celestial blood, and even make allies immune to pain and mental influence and resistant to injury with empyreal ecstasy and sublime revelry.[1]



  1. This spell is actually named Lastai's caress, but Lastai is not a Forgotten Realms goddess. Instead, the Player's Guide to Faerûn stats that Lastai is equivalent to Sharess. Thus the name was changed for the wiki.



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