The Plowing and Running was an annual holiday observed in Waterdeep and its rural surroundings. It celebrated the plowing of fields and running of livestock, and also involved numerous racing competitions within the city.[1]


The sporting events within the city involved all the wards of Waterdeep and were considered the occasion in which they came to life unlike any other time.[1]


In the rural communities surrounding Waterdeep, the holiday was celebrated as a traditional joint effort of tilling and preparing the farms and moving livestock.[1]

Within the city, the holiday took the form of a series of foot, chariot, and horse races. Each ward held separate competitions in all three categories. The winners from each individual ward then competed in a final event in the Field of Triumph.[1]

The winners were paraded in the House of Heroes by cheering crowds and were honored within its halls through the installation of name plaques or visages.[1][2]

The race winners also traditionally played theatrical roles in the reenactment of Kistarianth's defeat during the celebrations of Dragondown on Kythorn 20. The chariot champion played the role of Athar, while the horse champion played the role of Piergeiron.[3]




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