The Po Yul Dzayul Range was a mountain range in Tabot in Kara-Tur.[1][2][3]


The Po Yul Dzayul Range was the middle of the three arms of the Yehimal that extended east into Kara-Tur. It bisected the high plateau of Tabot.[4] Branching off from the south side was the Haraki Ridge.[1][3]


Two significant mountains in the Po Yul Dzayul Range were Mount Shun and Mount E'kwong.[1][3]


The Po Yul Dzayul Range appeared black from a distance, and peaks forbidding. Mount Shun was craggy and described as "mysterious",[5] while Mount E'kwong was jagged, foreboding, and grim. High altitudes and the prevailing winds kept the glaciers frozen.[6]


By 1357 DR, a blind beggar in the city of Rokstang, Tabot, was telling a tale of how he and some companions once ventured into the Po Yul Dzayul Range and discovered a lost mine stuffed with diamonds and other gems. However, the explorers were attacked by a wrathful spirit that slew all but the beggar. Left blinded by the spirit (or perhaps by the sun), he wandered lost on a glacier for days until he was discovered and taken to Rokstang, where he survived as a beggar.[7]



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