The Pocket Plane was a demiplane that was formed as plane-within-a-plane of Bhaal's divine realm, the Throne of Blood. It was an aspect of the final destination that faced all of Bhaal's mortal children after their deaths.[1][2]

The plane was believed to have been formed by the will of the Bhaalspawn Abdel Adrian, to safeguard his mind and shield him from Bhaal's complete power.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

The plane was a smaller version of Bhaal's Throne of Blood. It comprised a central area with a large stone gate, known as the Gate of the Watchers.[2] Extending off the main chamber were five smaller passages leading to smaller, enclosed areas.[1]

When the Pocket Plane first appeared, the gate was surrounded by eyes of different colors.[1] In its later iteration the eyes were absent and each of the smaller passages were closed off by some manner of supernatural barrier. These barriers could be bypassed upon the completion of several trials.[2]

Beyond the Gate of the Watchers was a passageway that too Abdel "where he needed to be" and was capable of connecting to the Mana Forge in the Throne of Blood.[2]

Cosmography[edit | edit source]

This plane was referred to as being a part of Hell[1] but also Abyssal in nature. It was in fact a part Bhaal's ream of the Throne of Blood,[2] which at the time was adrift in the Astral Plane.[3]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Although the plane was readily accessible by Abdel Adrian, it was also the temporary home to two other individuals. One of the residence was an unnamed solar who was tasked to watch over and guide Abdel through the Bhaalspawn crisis. The second was an imp by the name of Cespenar, who once served as a "butler" to Bhaal.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The first confirmed existence of the plane occurred in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR. While it existed beforehand,[1] it was believed to have been significantly shaped by the simultaneous deaths of Abdel Adrian and Jon Irenicus, the latter of whom who had stolen most of Abdel's divine soul.[2]

During the plane's first iteration, each of its chambers held a different trial that was put for to Abdel Adrian on their path to self-discovery. These were tests of fear, selfishness, greed, pride and wrath; during which he faced several demons, an imprisoned genie in the possession of the famed Blackrazor, and a wraith-like apparition of Sarevok. Upon the completion of each trial, Abdel received one of the Tears of Bhaal which could be used to close one of the gate's eyes.[1]

After closing the final eye, Abdel was confronted by Irenicus one last time. The exiled mage appeared in the form of Bhaal's avatar, the Slayer. The fought once again, but ultimately Abdel was able to claim his soul back and return to Toril on the Prime Material plane.[1]

The Pocket Plane appeared again when Abdel slew another individual who possessed part of Bhaal's divine essence." This person was Illasera the Quick, one of the actual Bhaalspawn.[2]

Abdel was greeted by his guardian Solar, who in turn presented him with an apparition of Sarevok. Abdel's half-brother had been in Bhaal's realm for some time and sought to live a mortal life once again.[2]

Under the direction of Amelyssan the Blackhearted, Abdel confronted the other Bhaalspawn of the Five. Every time he slew another member of the Five, Abdel was transported back to the Pocket Plate and presented with another challenge. Upon the death of all members of the Five, Abdel was forced to destroy the Pocket Plane and face Amelyssan at the Mana Forge in Bhaal's Throne of Blood.[2]

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