A poison was a substance that damaged or affected the abilities of a creature, either instantly or over time. A poison could be administered by contact, inhalation, ingestion, or through a wound.[2][3] Poisoned creatures had a chance to avoid or resist the effects of a poison. The effects of poisons varied widely but some common effects included paralysis, sleep, loss of ability, injury, or death.[4]

The ability to use poison effectively was a skill that must be learned and a person using a poison had a small chance of poisoning himself or herself.[2][5]

Crafting a poison from natural ingredients, or harvesting poisonous substances and venoms from creatures was also a risky endeavor that usually required knowledge of nature and some specialized equipment.[5]

A poisoned creature could be cured quickly either through an antidote, a magic potion, or by clerical[6] or druidic magic.[7][8] Some poisons wore off after a period of time and had little or no lasting effect, but without help, it could take days to recover.[9] Some creatures had natural resistance or immunity to poisons.[4]

Poisons were often rare, expensive, and illegal to purchase.[2][5] Typical poisons included:

Name Type Damage type Base cost
Arsenic Ingested Constitution drain 120 gp
Belarris Ingested Fatigue/unconsciousness  ?
Benightbite Ingested Numbing/fatigue/sleep/death  ?
Black lotus extract Contact Constitution drain 4,500 gp
Bittermint Ingested Dexterity drain  ?
Calad Ingested Confused hearing/vision
internal damage
Carrion crawler brain juice Contact Paralysis 200 gp
Darfly-sting essence Injury Sleep  ?
Dragonbane Contact/Ingested/Injury Suffocation  ?
Imvris Contact/Ingested/Injury Paralysis  ?
Jesseret Ingested Death  ?
Lorbralinth Ingested or injury Chills and fever  ?
Medium spider venom Injury Strength drain 150 gp
Nightviper venom Ingested or injury Wisdom drain 600 gp
Numbfish jelly venom Ingested or contact Dexterity/Wisdom drain 300 gp
Pauper's poison Ingested Subdual 40 gp
Saldruth's viper venom Ingested or injury Constitution drain 300 gp
Sassone leaf residue Contact Constitution drain 300 gp
Slarkfish venom Ingested Dexterity drain 100 gp
Sleep-smoke Inhalation Sleep 25 gp
Srindym Contact/Ingested/Injury Disorientation and dexterity drain/unconsciousness 120 gp
Striped toadstool Ingested Wisdom drain 180 gp
Swiftsleep Injury Sleep  ?
Terinav root Contact Dexterity drain 750 gp
Thardynyn Contact Debilitating shakes  ?
Tulade Ingested Pain/unconsciousness  ?
Udderfish venom Ingested Subdual 400 gp
Wyvern poison Injury Constitution drain 3,000 gp
Yethgrel Ingested System shock but damage protection  ?




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