A poison was a substance that damaged or affected the abilities of a creature, either instantly or over time. A poison could be administered by contact, inhalation, ingestion, or through a wound.[2][3] Poisoned creatures had a chance to avoid or resist the effects of a poison. The effects of poisons varied widely but some common effects included paralysis, sleep, loss of ability, injury, or death.[4]

The ability to use poison effectively was a skill that must be learned and a person using a poison had a small chance of poisoning himself or herself.[2][5]

Crafting a poison from natural ingredients, or harvesting poisonous substances and venoms from creatures was also a risky endeavor that usually required knowledge of nature and some specialized equipment.[5]

A poisoned creature could be cured quickly either through an antidote, a magic potion, or by clerical[6] or druidic magic.[7][8] Some poisons wore off after a period of time and had little or no lasting effect, but without help, it could take days to recover.[9] Some creatures had natural resistance or immunity to poisons.[4]

Poisons were often rare, expensive, and illegal to purchase.[2][5] Typical poisons included:

Name Type Damage type Base cost
Arsenic Ingested Constitution drain 120 gp
Belarris Ingested Fatigue/unconsciousness  ?
Benightbite Ingested Numbing/fatigue/sleep/death  ?
Black lotus extract Contact Constitution drain 4,500 gp
Bloodroot Injury Constitution drain 100 gp
Bittermint Ingested Dexterity drain  ?
Calad Ingested Confused hearing/vision
internal damage
Carrion crawler brain juice Contact Paralysis 200 gp
Cave terror[10] Ingested Confusion/Intelligence damage 200 gp
Darfly-sting essence Injury Sleep  ?
Dragonbane Contact/Ingested/Injury Suffocation  ?
Drow knockout poison[10] Injury Unconsciousness 75 gp
Fang dragon venom Injury Constitution drain 300 gp
Giant wasp poison Injury Dexterity drain 210 gp
Imvris Contact/Ingested/Injury Paralysis  ?
Jesseret Ingested Death  ?
Lorbralinth Ingested or injury Chills and fever  ?
Medium spider venom Injury Strength drain 150 gp
Nightviper venom Ingested or injury Wisdom drain 600 gp
Numbfish jelly venom Ingested or contact Dexterity/Wisdom drain 300 gp
Pauper's poison Ingested Subdual 40 gp
Peranox Contact Death  ?
Saldruth's viper venom Ingested or injury Constitution drain 300 gp
Sassone leaf residue Contact Constitution drain 300 gp
Sickstone unguent[10] Injury Constitution damage/drain 1500 gp
Slarkfish venom Ingested Dexterity drain 100 gp
Sleep-smoke Inhalation Sleep 25 gp
Srindym Contact/Ingested/Injury Disorientation and dexterity drain/unconsciousness 120 gp
Striped toadstool Ingested Wisdom drain 180 gp
Stun gas[10] Inhaled Stunning 40 gp
Swiftsleep Injury Sleep  ?
Terinav root Contact Dexterity drain 750 gp
Thardynyn Contact Debilitating shakes  ?
Tulade Ingested Pain/unconsciousness  ?
Udderfish venom Ingested Subdual 400 gp
Virile madness[10] Ingested Intelligence/Wisdom damage 1200 gp
Wyvern poison Injury Constitution drain 3,000 gp
Yarberry Ingested Death  ?
Yellow urchin extract Inhaled Dexterity and wisdom drain 800 gp
Yethgrel Ingested System shock but damage protection  ?




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