The Poison domain is not only that of the deadly toxins that are within deadly creatures, it's also in the form words, and there are three deities to whom have a liking to the poison domain. To Talona, poison and disease are of the same purpose: To create misery and pain. To her the mother of all plagues, the best poisons are the ones that cause extended torment and agony fore killing the afflicted victims. Lolth, Zehir both bless their favored pets and followers with their deadly poisons, the queen of spiders blesses drow and spiders, while Zehir blesses snakes and yuan-ti. But both show their presence for the poisonous words of deceit. [1]



Power of Poison DomainEdit

Any divine caster who worships a god of the poison domain may use it to channel the power of the deity. As a Divine caster choses the domain she will become more skilled at bluffing, and when using a power of the domain you can chose to change the type of damage to poison which will increase the damage that is done and as she gains more power so does the extra damage. The powers of the domain are:
Overwhelming strike
Enfeebling strike
Grasping Shards
Righteous brand

Original Poison DivinityEdit

To use the divinity of the poison domain one must have the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster has this it gains the ability to use Original poison

Original PoisonEdit

With a prayer the caster gets filled with energies of the poison domain that will empower her to be more accurate with her poisonous attacks for a short time. [2]




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