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The poison domain was a deity domain associated with deadly poisons, toxins, diseases, and creatures that harnessed venom.[1]



The poison domain was associated with evil deities who saw potential power in substances designed to maim and kill. There were a handful of deities that claimed the poison domain. To Talona, poison and disease were of the same purpose: to cause suffering. To the Mother of All Plagues, the best poisons are the ones that cause prolonged torment and agony before killing the afflicted victims. Both Lolth and Zehir blessed their favored races and creatures with use of the wicked poisons. The Queen of spiders blessed drow and spiders, whilst Zehir blessed yuan-ti and snakes.[2]

Power of Poison Domain[]

Any divine caster who worshiped a god of the poison domain would become more skilled at bluffing. In addition, they could change the damage type of an attack or spell to poison. In this case, the damage would also increase. Clerics of the poison domain were able to cast righteous brand. Followers of deities of the poison domain were able to become more accurate with poisonous attacks for a short duration.[1]




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