Polar bears were a type of bear adapted to cold environs.[1] They were favored by the polar god Ulutiu.[5]


Polar bears had white coats and were long and lean. When standing, they stood taller than brown bears.[1]


A polar bear was a superb swimmer. Its white coat also gave it an advantage when hunting in snowy areas.[1]


When a polar bear attacked, it primarily used its powerful claws, tearing at its prey, as well as its bite.[2] It would also pull its opponents into a grapple.[1]


Polar bears heavily populated the region of Nakalpgotak on the Great Glacier.[6] They preyed upon many animals, including even those as large as ghost rothé.[7]


Polar bear meat was barely edible to most people. It was tough and stringy and hard to digest.[8] The Iulutiuns ate polar bear meat[8][9] and used its fur for clothing.[10] Likewise, Nakulutiuns consumed polar bear meat,[11] as did the Ice Hunters of the Sea of Moving Ice.[12] Among non-humans, the Innugaakalikurit wore polar bear fur as well.[13][14] White dragons[15] and tirichik[13] also preyed upon polar bears.

Polar bear bone was carvable.[16]


Polar bears were important in the culture of the Iulutiuns of the Great Glacier, where a child's first polar bear kill was celebrated with a ritual known as the nukiewquak, in which the bear's head was kept on a pole outside the family house for many days.[9] The first polar bear kill of the year was also celebrated.[17] Polar bears were associated with the virtue of courage within the Iulutiun culture.[17]

Powerful druids and rangers sometimes had polar bears as companions.[18]


The famous wise man of the Iulutiuns, Inum, had been crippled by a polar bear.[19] Heafstaag, king of the Tribe of the Elk of Icewind Dale had had his hand mauled by a polar bear.[20]


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